Martha Stewart Just Shared 5 New Ways To Top Hot Dogs To Keep Your BBQs Exciting

Martha Stewart Just Shared 5 New Ways To Top Hot Dogs To Keep Your BBQs Exciting

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There’s no low-effort meal more satisfying in the summer than hot dogs straight from the grill. But we’ll admit that after a few decades of slugging down dogs with just mustard and relish or a lashing of ketchup, they can be a bit boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’ve ever felt yourself stuck in a hot dog rut, Martha Stewart, author of Martha’s Cooking School, is here to help. Everyone’s favorite domestic diva just shared five delicious ideas for topping off your hot dogs, and they’re so delicious we’re already imagining having a hot dog bar at our next party, stocked with Stewart’s tasty toppers.

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Martha Stewart’s hot dog topping ideas have range. Two of the varities are like a fun homage to classic hot dog flavors. There’s a Frank & Beans Hot Dog, which sees sweet baked beans topping a dog along with diced onion and yellow mustard. Then, there’s a sauerkraut-topped Reuben Dog that keeps things exciting with the addition of homemade Russian dressing and shredded Swiss cheese.

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Then there are the more adventurous options. If you like elotes or esquites, Stewart’s Mexican Charred Corn Dog with lime mayo and cotija cheese is bound to delight. There’s a sweet and salty Hawaiian Dog topped with grilled pineapple and red onions, and finally, a Vietnamese-inspired Banh Mi Dog that’s dressed with quick-pickled carrots, mayo, cucumber, cilantro, and a spicy jalapeno.

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Another thing we love about these recipes? They use affordable hot dogs as the base. Since hot dogs are so inexpensive compared to other meats, that means that by really focusing on the toppings options, you can have a meal that’s both budget-friendly but still culinarily interesting. They’re also a reminder to not let yourself get stuck in a rut. With a little creativity in the kitchen, even something as simple as a hot dog can be an exciting meal.

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