Martha Stewart Just Gave Classic Nachos a Makeover & We'll Never Make Them the Same Way Again

Martha Stewart Just Gave Classic Nachos a Makeover & We'll Never Make Them the Same Way Again

Nachos are perfect in their simplicity: creamy cheese, crunchy chips, you’re done! But if you are looking for an upgrade, Martha Stewart has the recipe you never knew you needed. Don’t make these if you are afraid to switch up your regular Sunday football snacks — because once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to the old way of making nachos again!

“It’s hard to improve on nachos, a Game Day classic,” Stewart wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of a delicious plate of nachos taken by Chelsea Cavanaugh. “But, well, we did! By swapping in kettle chips and melted Gouda and blue cheese.”

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Whoa, my mouth is watering already! The Kettle-Chip Nachos recipe, which was originally published in the January/February 2017 issue of Martha Stewart Living, looks like the most amazing nachos, ever.

Instead of tortilla chips, Stewart uses salty kettle chips (seriously — genius!). Then, she topped it with three types of cheese, jalapenos, and more ingredients to make it creamy and delicious. The recipe requires heating some ingredients in a saucepan, then drizzling the finished bubbly cheese over the chips before baking in the oven. The remaining ingredients are added to the top before serving.

This is a great appetizer to serve with beer or wine for your Super Bowl party or any time you want a savory treat. The extra crispy chips combined with the elevated cheeses and just the right amount of spice makes these our new go-to appetizer. It also only takes about 25 minutes from start to serve, which makes it an easy dish to replenish throughout the night.

“Okayyy, YUMMM😍,” one person commented on this creative recipe.

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“This looks outstanding 🔥🙌,” someone else said.

Another person suggested, “Drizzle some sweet balsamic & deliciousness!”

You can add your own toppings to this recipe, turn it into a nacho bar, or serve it exactly as Stewart envisioned. No matter which way, this easy app will be a delicious surprise to your friends!  

Get Stewart’s full Kettle-Chip Nachos recipe here.

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