Lauterbach: Why conspiracy theories are dangerous for all

Lauterbach: Why conspiracy theories are dangerous for all

The spread of the Coronavirus holds Germany, Europe and the world continue to breath. Politics, economy, society and research are required! More than four million people already infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2, 171.134 of them in Germany.

The SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach holds the currently circulating conspiracy theories, Coronavirus, as well as for dealing with the pandemic for "very gefährlich". This "to ensure that the security measures that we depend upon all of them are under werden&quot run;, Lauterbach said on Wednesday, the Sport-Informations-Dienst (sid). In the fight against the pandemic, all &quot be but;Yes on the behavior of other angewiesen".

Lauterbach also expressed the fear that "here a new movement or political party established to fight with the we then hätten". He observed, "more and more of a conspiracy theorist, but also the rights of circles, Covid-missbrauchen&quot 19 for your purposes;.

No Problem, Lauterbach, however, has according to own statements so that he himself will be met with hostility, as one of the prophets in the Corona-crisis. "I don’t want to order that one or the other protester, by rational arguments that the negative impact to me einlässt", said the SPD politician. The largest part of the population was "Thank God for a sensible and also recognises the work we do here in the political Berlin and the work of the Wissenschaftler".

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