Infermedica introduces Arabic version of AI-driven patient navigation platform

Infermedica introduces Arabic version of AI-driven patient navigation platform

Infermedica is expanding to the Middle East and beyond with a new language version of its diagnostic technology, making its AI-powered symptom checker available to the hundreds of millions of people around the world that speak Arabic.

The language will now be available through all of Infermedica’s products (Symptom Checker, Call Center Triage, Medical API) following the launch of their staple offering in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and others.

Guiding patients to the right care

With its established portfolio, Infermedica is trying to plug the increasing gaps in accessing care, providing insurance companies, hospitals, and health systems with a set of advanced preliminary diagnosis and triage tools that help guide patients to the right form of care. 

“The broader goal is to improve customers’ performance, increase healthcare accessibility, and reduce costs. To date, our tools have been used by over four million people worldwide,” says chief executive Piotr Orzechowski.

Infermedica’s core product is a symptom checker that allows patients to perform a preliminary diagnostic interview. After collecting information, the AI suggests the most suitable and cost-efficient action to take, such as visiting or calling a doctor, self-care treatment, or going to an emergency department in case of experiencing highly-severe symptoms. The company offers two other complementary solutions for healthcare providers.

Why Arabic?

According to World Bank statistics, the Middle East is one of the regions with the highest supply-demand gap for health services. The latest figures show that the distribution of physicians per capita varies from the ratio of 2.4 in UAE and Saudi Arabia to below 1.0 in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq or Yemen.

The lack of human resources is creating a dangerous situation for patients. However, technology can optimise and strengthen the work of specialists – and Infermedica’s vision is to enhance human experts’ capabilities with an AI-powered diagnostic platform.

The company’s solution is not only available to business partners; building on its philosophy of universal health accessibility, anyone can try out the symptom checking app called Symptomate for free. 

To learn more about Infermedica, you can visit their website here.

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