Im a dermatologist – youre not leaving shampoo on for long enough

Im a dermatologist – youre not leaving shampoo on for long enough


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Many of us have the same old shower routine that we stick to every time.

It might slightly vary depending on how much time we have and if we’ve been very physically active, for example, but we can’t help but to fall into certain habits.

While we wouldn’t necessarily think of this causing issues, it could actually be damaging to our hair or scalp if we’ve been doing things the “wrong way”.

In a recent TikTok video, dermatologist Dr Charles Puza – better known as Dr Charles MD – explained the correct way to wash your hair in the shower.

Speaking to his 1.6m followers, he set the record straight about how to “actually” clean your locks.

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“Washing your hair the wrong way from a dermatologist, because there’s a scientific right way to wash your hair,” Dr Charles said.

“You’ve already seen me change your skincare by teaching you how to, how to properly wash your face.”

He explained that products need a certain amount of time to work their magic.

Dr Charles continued: “The skin on your scalp is some of the thickest on the body.

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“And if using an expensive shampoo, a medicated shampoo, a shampoo with an active in there you need to give it at least three to five minutes.”

This may seem like a long time, but Dr Charles added: “Yes, three to five minutes for it to actually reach max efficacy.

“And if you haven’t been showering for three to five minutes, it’s probably the reason why your dandruff is not under control, and your scalp is oily and your hair is breaking.”

He clarified in the comment section that the shampoo should be left on the scalf for up to five minutes before you even start scrubbing.

“Leave on, we don’t scrub,” he told a follower.

In his video, which has amassed almost 16,000 likes, he referenced a scientific study, published in the International Jounral of Cosmetic Science.

This paper found that participants saw better results from anti-dandruff shampoo when it was left on the scalp for five minutes.

Two groups of 21 people used different types of shampoo – one containing one percent ketoconazole and the other, one percent piroctone olamine.

The study said: “In each group, intraindividual comparisons were made by a split-scalp design between the effect of a five-minute residence time versus no residence time.

“Both shampoos induced significant reductions in scaliness and yeast colonization.

“The beneficial effects were obvious immediately after one single shampooing and 3 days later as well.

“The improvement was greater with a five minute residence time.”

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