‘I Did The Keto Diet To Support My Partner\u2014And I Ended Up Losing 75 Pounds In 11 Months’

‘I Did The Keto Diet To Support My Partner\u2014And I Ended Up Losing 75 Pounds In 11 Months’

My name is Kelly Cossar (@thegirlwithgreenyogapants_keto), and I am 32 years old, from Waterford, Ontario.I am an event planner. I started the keto diet to support my partner, then added in virtual personal training and running, and I’ve lost 75 pounds.

I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I also was always the bigger girl that played lots of sports. I was bullied a lot in my younger years, which, in turn, made me an emotional eater.

I tried every diet out there. When I hit a plateau or failed at a yo-yo diet, I would self-sabotage. Once my friends or family would take notice of my weight loss, I would fall back into my unhealthy ways. I think I would do this because I had a fear of failing.

By 30, I hit my heaviest weight of 290 pounds. I had a family history of diabetes and knew if I didn’t make a change soon it would lead to problems.

My turning point came on January 2, 2020, at the age of 31. I hated how I felt.

I knew if I didn’t make a change, my weight would just continue to go up.It’s almost like something finally clicked in my head, and I finally believed I would be successful this time.

I like to say the keto diet found me, but it was actually my partner who had started eating a keto diet. I decided to join him to support him and to make it easier when making meals. I never really understood keto—I just ate what he was eating. But I finally started reading and learning about keto to really understand it.I knew my body liked eating keto because I felt my best when I was in ketosis.


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People always ask me, “Why keto?” It’s because I never feel like I am deprived—you can make pretty much anything keto.

There are also a lot of different variations to keto. I eat mostly simple keto, which consists of a lot of whole foods that are high in fat.But it’s important to find what works best for you. If I feel like sweet potatoes or some fruit, I will work my day’s meals around fitting the macros for that food into my day. It’s all about eating in moderation and finding balance.


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Being a part of the keto community on Instagram also really helps me stay consistent.You have all these like minded people rooting you on, and I feel like I belong. They celebrate with me, encourage me, and really have kept me going throughout my whole journey.


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Here’s what I eat in a day now.

  • Breakfast: Keto bulletproof coffee (coffee, heavy cream, MCT oil and collagen) or protein coffee (literally by adding a scoop of protein in your coffee).
  • Lunch: A mini charcuterie board with cheese, nuts, rolled up turkey, olives, and pickles or tuna salad in a bell pepper topped with Everything But The Bagel spice.


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  • Snacks: Dark chocolate and peanut butter fat bomb or protein bar.
  • Dinner: Steak, Caesar salad, lots of real bacon, and cheese crisps or a keto egg roll in a bowl.
  • Dessert: 95 percent dark chocolate, melted natural peanut butter, or keto ice cream.


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I started working out with a trainer twice a week when I first started my journey. But then I broke my wrist a month in.

I had a choice to make: throw in the towel and wait for my wrist to heal,or stay consistent. The mindset I was in told me throwing in the towel wasn’t an option this time, so for the first three to four months I did a lot of walks with my dog just to get my body moving.Walks then turned into runs, which then turned into a 5k run a day.Never in my life had I ran a full 5k without stopping or giving in, so it’s an accomplishment I am very proud of.


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Once I was cleared to start working out and lifting weights again, Ontario was in full lockdown due to COVID-19, so gyms were closed. But I didn’t let that stop me. I invested in a few dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells—and got to work. I did most of my workouts outside. I live in the country, so I would use the outdoors as equipment. For example, a log makes a great step, stairs are great for toe taps, and a tree is a perfect rig for a resistance band.


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Currently, I am working out six days a week. I work five days a week with my trainer via Zoom, and I do a 5k run on the weekend. I use my last day as an active rest day to restart for the week ahead. Since COVID, I have really turned to workouts to destress. I step away for an hour and truly feel so much better after getting my body moving.


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These three changes made the biggest difference in my weight-loss results.


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I have lost 75 pounds (44.75 inches) in 11 months.

If you want to see change, you have to make a change. You are 100 percent worth it. Be the person who believes in yourself and watch the changes happen. Keto gave me my life back. I have never felt more comfortable and confident with my body.


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