Gabrielle Union's Daughter Kaavia is a Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn in Cute New Video

Gabrielle Union's Daughter Kaavia is a Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn in Cute New Video

Is Gabrielle Union’s daughter, Kaavia James, 3, leaving her Shady Baby ways behind? A new video of the toddler is pure, unfiltered joy, as Kaavia twirls in a sparkling rainbow unicorn dress — and she has the biggest smile!

Kaavia posted a video to her official Instagram account (@kaaviajames) yesterday, wearing the perfect outfit for Pride Month (or, really, any month. It’s just too cute!). She’s in a rainbow-colored tulle dress, complete with sparkles down the front and light pink tights underneath. Her hair is up with pink and purple butterfly clips, and she wears a gold sparkly tiara on top. Her cheeks are stretched from smiling so hard — with all her teeth on display. She is the cutest little princess!

“I’m in my Unicorn Princess era,” she captioned the video, which is managed by her mom, Union, and dad, Dwyane Wade.

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When Kaavia twirls, you can see her bright pink backpack with a stuffed pink unicorn attached to the bag. Hanging out the top of the bag is a green magic wand, complete with long blue ribbons hanging down that match the blue back of the dress. The video is set to “Unicorn Swag (feat. Drago)” by Faith Heaven, and it has the words “unicorn swag” over the top. She is living her best life, and it is so stinkin’ cute!

“Bag secured. Ask about me,” she added in the caption.

Fans were in love with this sweet video. One person commented, “It’s giving majestic royalty 😂❤️.” Another said, “Such a beautiful girl. Serving self on a daily basis. I love it!!!😍”

Over the weekend, Kaavia posted a video in a green dress covered in flowers, where she is applying light pink lip gloss. “That 1st day with a new lip gloss and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am different different. Ain’t no lie, bye bye bye to matte lips. I don’t make the rules, I just break them” it was captioned.

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“Lip gloss got me feeling some kind of way #BossBabe” was written over the video.

This girl is capital “F” flawless, and such an inspiration. If you want to wear your new lip gloss for no reason and bust out your best dress for a work-from-home day, go for it! Kaavia proves you can be both shady and happy, as long as you stay true to yourself.

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