Fitness Journalist Reveals The Health Benefits of Giving Up Sugary Drinks

Fitness Journalist Reveals The Health Benefits of Giving Up Sugary Drinks

Most health experts recommend limiting your sugar intake by giving up on sugary beverages. However, most people have difficulty in giving up their beloved soda drinks due to its delicious, addicting taste. If you’re one of these challenged people, this fitness journalist revealed how giving up soda had changed his life for the better – and why you should do it too.

A Life-changing Moment

According to Michael Freidson, 41 years old, he had a life-changing moment three years ago, where he declared he’ll give up on drinking sugary beverages for good. He drank multiple cans of Coke while working on a daily basis before he made his oath.

He even remembered how happy he was when Coke Zero was introduced since he had an excuse to indulge in his soda drink without “spiking” his blood sugar. He kept committing this unhealthy habit until he saw an article how drinking soda can make you age as much as smoking. It was then he realized he needed to stop drinking soda at all costs.

Drinking one or more sodas a day increases your waist circumference by 3.16 inches according to research studies.

Before he gave up his soda intake, Michael was 20 pounds heavier and already had high blood pressure. He revealed the first few days he gave up sugar he felt bloated, depressed, sluggish, and unfocused. Michael also found while reading additional research from the University of Texas Health Science Centre that the habit of drinking soda increases your risk of obesity. Excessive soda consumption can also cause infertility, diabetes, high blood pressure, and increases the risk of acquiring cancer.

The Positive Changes

Michael also revealed he felt the immediate effects of quitting soda. After a few days of going through soda and sugar withdrawal, he noticed how he was able to think more clearly and have more energy to do his tasks.

He also realized how he could cheat and indulge more during mealtimes and still lose weight. Moreover, he noticed how his abs were more defined compared to when he was still drinking soda. More importantly, Michael noticed how he was noticeably younger, his skin more supple and defined closer to his original age, which gave him the motivation of giving up soda in the first place.

How to Resist Your Sugar Craving?

If you’re still struggling to cut down your sugar intake, the experts recommend you follow these steps to help you resist your sugar cravings.

Drinking Water

According to health experts, most people confuse thirst with hunger or food craving.

If you feel like craving for sweet foods, you can try drinking a glass of water instead of giving in to temptation. You’ll realize how your craving will fade away because, in reality, your body is actually just thirsty. Aside from that, the health experts reiterate the numerous health benefits you can get from drinking water like hydration, reducing your appetite, and even aiding in your weight loss.

Load Up Your Protein Intake

The health experts recommend you eat lean protein like chicken and fish to achieve a leaner body and curb your cravings.

Another way of suppressing your sugar and even carb craving is by loading your body up with protein. Protein helps not only in keeping you full and satisfied for a longer period of time, but it also helps improve the development of your muscle mass.

According to studies, most overweight teenage girls who switch into eating a high-protein breakfast reduced their cravings by 60%. Protein also helps them lose weight to have a fitter and leaner body.

Stay Away from Temptations

To make your life easier, the health experts recommend you stay away from temptations like going to sweet and pastry shops, going to the soda drinks section of the grocery, or even limit your nightouts with your friends. This isolation will quicken the process of resisting sugary drinks and foods until you discipline yourself to stop consuming too many sweets.

Plan Your Meals

As much as possible, allocate some time to plan your meals. Homemade meals are more nutritious and healthy compared to take out meals. Make sure to divide your portion size evenly to carbs, protein, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. If you load yourself with healthy and nutritious foods, you won’t likely experience any cravings.

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