Expert shares superpower supplement that could improve sleep quality

Expert shares superpower supplement that could improve sleep quality

Sleep expert shares top tips on how to set up bedroom to get the best night's sleep

Jess Hillard, based at leading sports nutrition brand Warrior, offered her expertise on how to get a good night’s sleep.

“When our sleep schedule is off, the effects can be felt throughout all facets of our lives,” she began.

“Not getting enough sleep has a huge impact on the human body – from weakened immune systems to weight gain, there can be harmful consequences on our energy levels and overall health.”

One lesser-known sleep tip is to take a collagen supplement, as its “secret superpower” is to help you to drift off.

“Collagen is exceptionally rich in the amino acid glycine,” said Hillard.

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“Studies have shown glycine to improve sleep quality, leading to a more natural sleep pattern.”

Hillard said: “Increased glycine can help with an early appearance of slow-wave sleep (SWS) and maintenance of REM sleep.”

Glycine also helps to decrease body temperature, Hillard said, which is a necessary requirement when dozing off.

Hillard explained: “Your body temperature naturally drops as bedtime approaches, signalling to your brain that it is time to sleep.

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“As you fall asleep it should continue to drop throughout, helping you stay asleep for longer.

“When you take collagen before bed, the glycine helps to aid this process and decrease your core body temperature prior to falling asleep.”

Hillard stated this could “help you fall asleep faster, maintain your sleep for longer hours, and optimise the quality of sleep”.

Glycine can also increase serotonin levels, which make the sleep hormone melatonin, without increasing dopamine levels.

Hillard elaborated: “Through taking a collagen supplement, glycine enters the body and can increase serotonin levels without increasing dopamine levels.

“This is beneficial because we don’t want excess dopamine in our systems as it can inhibit norepinephrine, causing you to feel more alert.”

Anybody who continuously struggles to fall or stay asleep at night might benefit from speaking to their doctor.

Warrior offers Collagen Peptides (RRP £10 for 180g container) available to buy online.

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