Covid cases map exposes terrifying UK spike – deaths also rising

Covid cases map exposes terrifying UK spike – deaths also rising

Coronavirus in numbers: UK records 34,574 more cases

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The Government’s latest tack of sticking to a vaccine-only approach has not cut down on Covid cases or deaths, according to recent data. Since the end of August, cases have sustained around 30,000 per day, sometimes rising as high as 40,000. While deaths are far times lower – currently averaging at 117 per day – comparing the UK’s figures to those of its neighbours shows the true magnitude of the situation.

Data from John’s Hopkins University, which has monitored the Covid outbreak from day one, shows the UK’s case rate is trending sharply upwards.

Our World in Data has curated a global ranking using data from the university’s prestigious monitoring service, placing the UK atop a table of six noteworthy countries.

The ranking shows the UK is in a league of its own with a steady case rate per million people of 570.27 while the US, Canada, Germany, France and India are trending down.

That rate is far above the US, which has seen more than 44.8 million cases since last year.

Covid has infected far fewer Britons, with only 8.32 million cases detected since 2020.

But the John’s Hopkins data gives the US an overall rate lower than half the UK’s, at 261.33.

Although there is a significant disparity in total cases, the almost vertical case progression indicates the UK is one of the few countries still in peak pandemic.

The country’s closest neighbours, which have employed vaccinations with complementary measures, have kept their rates comparatively negligible.

Germany has half the cases in the US, with a rate of 100.78.

And Italy has more than 14 times fewer cases than the UK, with one of the lowest rates in Europe at 41.37.

Unfortunately for Britons, that sky-high case rate has had a knock-on effect on deaths.

Although vaccination has stemmed the virus’ overall deadliness, as long as it remains a prominent threat, it will nudge the UK’s death rate upwards.

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The John’s Hopkins data has confirmed this, showing the UK’s is currently among the highest in Europe.

Counting the richest worldwide, it is second only to the US.

Both nations have an overall death rate higher than one and nearly three times higher than other European nations.

The US rate currently sits at 4.91 deaths per million people, with 722,000 deaths since 2020.

That translates to roughly 219 deaths per 100,000 people and an overall Covid mortality rate of 1.6 percent.

The same data exposes a devastating 1.66 percent death rate per million amongst Britons.

In total, 138,000 people have died, and the hundreds more dying every day has pushed the rate per 100,000 to 207.1.

The UK’s total mortality rate percentage is 1.7 percent, higher than the US by 0.1 percent.

Canada is third behind the UK and US, with a rate not quite touching one at 0.96.

France and Germany have two of the lowest death rates in Europe.

Germany, with its population higher than the UK’s of more than 80 million, has 94,530 total deaths and a rate of 0.64.

And France is on 0.59, less than half the UK’s with a similar population and 118,000 total deaths.

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