Corona-measures: the end of the phone to do only with the natural healing the sick customer is a naturopathic specialist portal

Corona-measures: the end of the phone to do only with the natural healing the sick customer is a naturopathic specialist portal

COVID-19: Starting in June no phone ill write more

In the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the possibility for respiratory complaints by phone in sick has been. Starting next week, a visit to the doctor is, however, due. The special rule should not be extended, despite a number of objections–.

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) has not extended the existing special scheme for the call of sickness (AU) for respiratory diseases in the Corona-crisis, reports the German Ärzteblatt. In order for this opportunity ends on December 31. May. Applications of patient representation on an extension of the scheme until 30. June were rejected. Starting next week, a visit to the doctor for the sick leave is necessary.

Elongation in the G-BA rejected

For the protection of Risk-crisis patients, it was during the Corona so far, possible to get sick with respiratory problems over the phone. This possibility should first of all on 20. April ends, but after massive criticism from the medical Profession and policy of the G-BA, an extension up to 31. May decided. A further extension of the G-BA, however, rejected.

Criticism from Patient advocacy

Compared to the German medical journal, the spokeswoman for the patients ‘ representation in the professional emphasizes competent sub-Committee Marion Rink, that it is not traceable, don’t be, “why the G-BA is extended only to the special arrangements with the General loosening in the States, and better facilities from doctor’s offices to protect against infections, explains.” Just this week, had been discussed in policy and science intensively, what dangers could bring the relaxations, and, therefore, a basic continuation was decided, the contact restrictions until the end of June.

Double standards

“Here is measured in favor of the employer, the double standard, even though the alleged misuse of the scheme for the call is not ill shown is case-sensitive, and the Numbers go on the sick again,” said Marion Rink. Although the doctor had surgeries, in the meantime, better materials, infection control and hygiene concepts equipped, but the abolition of the special scheme to increase patients to the risk of Infection for high-Risk and patients at the practice visit.

Also, a new special temporary regime, which would have made the call and Sick leave only for the seriously chronically Ill, the failure of the G-BA, the critique of patient representation. Overall, the willingness of the G-BA, new paths seems to be rather low.

High popularity of digital sick

More far-reaching options, such as a digital Sickness quite a high level of acceptance in the population, however. So 62 percent of the respondents in a survey conducted by the digital Association Bitkoms under 1.193 in sick without a doctor visit – and not just by telephone, but also digitally (e.g. by E-Mail, Messenger, or App) – pronounced, reports the German Ärzteblatt. The popularity is down in all age groups of similar size.

Video office hours should by default be available

Other opportunities in the medical sectors in the survey. So a great openness to tele-medical services, and 93 percent showed pleaded for an Expansion of the digital health care. A medical advice by the Chat should be expanded according to the view of 62 percent of the respondents, not only now but also in the future. Furthermore, six out of ten respondents were of the view video office hours should also be according to the Corona-crisis is available by default, reports the German Ärzteblatt. To what extent is some of it implemented in practice remains to be seen. Because of this, it requires the willingness of all Parties in the future to forge new paths. (fp)

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