Collagen supplements: The many health benefits these powerful supplements bring

Collagen supplements: The many health benefits these powerful supplements bring

Founder and CEO of Absolute Collagen, Maxine Laceby spoke exclusively with Express online to detail all the benefits taking a collagen supplement could bring. These powerful supplements are starting to gain more attention and when looking at all they could do for the body, its easy to see why.


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Mrs Laceby said: “Collagen is known to have a wide range of health benefits from promoting skin healing and elasticity, to building connective tissues and maintaining the structure of ligaments and tendons.

“As a result of environmental factors and ageing, the skin loses elasticity, which shows in wrinkles and stretch marks.

“The regained elasticity from collagen stretches out the skin, clearing wrinkles, and making the skin plump and firm.

“This leaves your skin looking radiant, healthy and ultimately younger.”


Cellulite occurs when the skin overlying certain areas of fat is pulled downward to the deeper tissues by connective tissue bands which creates the uneven surface appearing as dimples on the skin.

Asked how collagen supplements could help with reducing cellulite, Mrs Laceby said: “Collagen is effective at helping with cellulite.

“Although cellulite is a common problem related to genetics and body weight, collagen does a great job in improving the skin’s appearance.

“It does this by smoothing out the surface of the skin and reducing the dimple effect.”

Hair and nails

“Hair follicles and nail beds contain collagen that gives hair and nails their strength.

“Having a collagen deficiency can be a key cause for brittle nails and dry and weak hair,” said Mrs Laceby.

“Adding collagen to your diet can help rejuvenate the health of your nails and hair, as well as help both grow faster.”

Digestive system

“Studies have shown that liquid collagen can also aid digestion and promote the health of your digestive system.

“Collagen is part of the connective tissues that keep the gut together and protect its delicate inner lining.

“This creates a critical barrier that prevents leaky gut syndrome – a condition in which the intestinal walls become damaged and leak food material and pathogens into the bloodstream.

“This condition may lead to acute inflation as the immune system tries to defend the body against intrusion.

“The effective amino acids in collagen can help heal damaged tissues in the digestive tract, leading to more effective food digestion and absorption.”


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Muscle repair

When asked how collagen could help those needing to recover their muscles after exercise, Mrs Laceby replied: “Collagen is known to increase muscle growth and repair, reduce inflammation and aid with joint stiffness.

“It is the most abundant protein in our body and a major constituent of muscle protein.

“Increasing your collagen levels provides the body with sufficient muscle-building raw material to grow muscle mass and repair worn out muscle tissues.

“This can explain the popularity of collagen supplements with fitness enthusiasts in addition to muscle building, glycine-rich collagen accelerates the synthesis of creatine that provides muscles with energy.

Weight loss

“Collagen supplements are not just for bodybuilders though because as the body ages, less material and energy go into building muscles.

“Stimulating the body’s muscle building processes using collagen directs more energy into muscle building at the expense of storing fat.

“In fact, during muscle building and repair, more fat is burned.

“This is why collagen is often associated with weight loss; it works by building muscle while burning fat.”

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