Classes and Activities To Get Your Kids Excited About The Olympics!

Classes and Activities To Get Your Kids Excited About The Olympics!

The Summer Olympics are here and since we can’t be there in person we can be there in spirit! Whether your child is a future gymnast in training or if they’re more glued to the theatrics of the opening ceremony there’s something for everyone this summer to channel their inner-olympian, thanks to Sawyer!

Metro Theater Company’s Creative Arts Living Room Olympics Camp

The Summer Games are on with Metro Theater Company! Young artists will try creative twists on their favorite olympic games without even leaving the house. Children enjoy fun-filled days exploring drama, visual art, creative movement, and music with professional teaching artists! Creative Arts Camp is a great place to make new friends, build self-confidence, and nurture imagination. Register now at

Story Pirates: Superhero Olympics Camp

What would happen if the weirdest superheroes in the world all got together for a Superhero Olympics? What kind of super sports would they play? And then, what if a supervillain infiltrated the festivities and caused CHAOS EVERYWHERE? Join us to find out– and meet the authors of some awesome graphic novels, who can help you draw a superhero adventure of your own! This cool camp is available exclusively at

Supernow: Crafts, Theatre & Movement Camp

Join Supernow for an all-new summer program for kids ages 4-10. We offer live, interactive classes led by whimsical characters who inspire curiosity, confidence and creativity. Plus we extend the fun with at-home missions to give kids a break from the screen. Kids share their creations and accomplishments with the global Supernow community and build valuable social skills through our optional Super Pals, “meet a friend” program. Register now at

MINECRAFT UNIVERSITY: Robotic Revolution – Virtual Tech Camp

Minecraft & Robotics are so much fun, we thought why not combine the two! Students play Minecraft on our custom robotics Olympics-style map to explore programming and robotics through fun games and challenges. Programming within Minecraft allows kids to explore problem solving and logic in a stimulating environment where they see the results of their programs instantly through their Minecraft robot. Students will learn programming concepts that can be applied to other higher-level languages like C# or Java. Put their Minecraft skills to the test at

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