Brazil’s President falls ill may Covid-19

Brazil’s President falls ill may Covid-19

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 11 million people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, 196.304 of them in Germany. The disease Covid-19 has already claimed over half a Million deaths already.

Brazil’s President falls ill may Covid-19

Brazil’s right-wing populist President Jair Messias Bolsonaro is ill, according to information of the news portal Band (Monday local time) on the Coronavirus. Bolsonaro self-declared, to show symptoms of the disease. However, the official test results will not be available until Tuesday. The 65-Year-old will be treated according to their own information, with the controversial malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which he himself always as a "Wundermittel" against Covid-19 had touted.

Compared to in front of the presidential Palace, the trailers wait Bolsonaro had mentioned on Monday, to have symptoms of the disease. His lungs were "sauber", he said after a hospital visit. According to the media, the President, a fever, a cough, a headache has to report and feel weakened. The office of the President line, all of the obligations Bolsonaros this week. dpa/Eraldo Peres/AP/dpa Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil.

On Monday it became known, moreover, that the 80-year-old grandmother of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro at Covid-19 is ill. You spent since Friday in the ICU of a hospital in the capital city of Brasilia and is currently being ventilated artificially. The first Corona-cases in Brasilia had been registered in March, employees of the President. More than 20 people from the Delegation that had visited Bolsonaro US President Donald Trump in Florida, ill then to Corona.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Bolsonaro had the Coronavirus as "small Grippe" referred to, which could affect him as a former athlete is nothing. He also criticized the mayors and governors adopted Corona-measures as "Hysterie". In Public, he refused to keep his distance and wear masks. In the past few days, Bolsonaro, a put in addition, a Veto against the Mask requirement in churches and stores, on Monday, also against the use of the mouth-nose protection in Brazil’s prisons.

Just like several of his Ministers Bolsonaro keeps the Virus as of China’s fabricated conspiracy leaders against his government and the US President, Trump. And that’s exactly how Trump Bolsonaro is in favour of the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine against Covid-19. The world health authority (WHO) warns, however, against the use of the Agent. Brazil, with 1.6 million infections and more than 65,500 deaths behind the USA at number 2 on the Corona-statistics.

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