Arthritis: Doctor dismisses popular treatment – Youre not going to like this

Arthritis: Doctor dismisses popular treatment – Youre not going to like this

Arthritis: 'No evidence' copper bracelets help says Dr Nighat

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Dr Nighat said copper bracelets don’t actually help with arthritis pain according to medical research. However, she offered some advice on how to ease the symptoms becoming worse during the winter months.

During the arthritis segment, one of the presenters Josie Gibson, who is stepping in for Holly Willoughby, asked whether copper bracelets can help with arthritis.

Dr Nighat responded: “I’m going to disappoint you. I know you like your copper bracelets. The medical advice, the clinical data shows there’s no evidence for it.

“But I’m one of those clinicians, as a doctor, that if it works for you and it’s not causing you any side effects. If the copper bands are working, because I know lots of people use them.

“Then by all means use them.”

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When temperatures drop, people with arthritis can start experiencing more pains and aches.

The doctor explained why this happens. She said: “The synovial fluid will thicken, where you get thickness, you get more inflammation.

“And you get more wearing away of the cartilage, so the bone will be impacted.

“If you’re heavier frame and you’re overweight, then, unfortunately, that is going to impact on more aches and pains within the winter months.”

The fluid known as synovial, the doctor described, acts as a lubricant that helps smooth the motions between your bones.

Arthritis, in general, affects the synovial lining which can lead to joint pain. Cold weather can be another additional factor.

To ease your arthritis symptoms this winter, the doctor recommended a hot bath.

“If you’re lying in the bath of hot water, get the water between 33-37 Celsius, that’s really great for you,” she explained.

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