App could improve the treatment of pain in dementia – Natural medicine naturopathic specialist portal

App could improve the treatment of pain in dementia – Natural medicine naturopathic specialist portal

Improved treatment of pain in dementia in a view?

A new App is developed to assist the health staff in the assessment and treatment of pain in people with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. So far, it is often difficult to recognize pain symptoms in Affected, because they can communicate their complaints only to a limited extent.

From the University of Alberta is currently developing a App, which is supposed to optimize in the future the treatment of pain in dementia Sufferers. In the English-language specialist journal, “JMIR Mhealth Uhealth”, published report describes the results of the research work.

To identify pain in dementia is problematic

“The challenge in understanding pain in people with dementia is that the forms of expression of pain in these individuals are often confused with psychiatric problems,” says study author Professor Eleni Stroulia from the University of Alberta in a press release.

Better understanding of pain in dementia is needed

Therefore, the research group trying to figure out how new technologies – for example, in the Form of Apps that can be used to understand the pain of people with dementia better. This could improve in the future the treatment of pain in persons with dementia contribute significantly to.

The App builds on a tried and tested method

The new App is designed to digitize an observation check list with a pen and paper. Such a check list was used Ill in the past for the assessment of pain in dementia.

The App will also store data and manage

The newly-developed application to not only people in the health sector to help identify pain in dementia people, you should also save data on any pain-safe and help to manage this.

Coping techniques for pain assess

The App is intended to be widely applicable and an assessment of how well management techniques for pain work at the individual level. So the decision making could be supported with the appropriate care of affected persons.

Improved treatment of pain in dementia, the prospect of

At the macro level, the widespread application of such an App could improve the quality and effectiveness of care provided to dementia patients significantly. “If we have this kind of data, we can create models to understand the effects of different interventions,” stresses Professor Stroulia. This could lead to significant advantages in the Treatment of pain in dementia patients. (as)

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