All the ways the new Apple Watch can monitor your health

All the ways the new Apple Watch can monitor your health

All the ways the new Apple Watch can monitor your health

  • The 2024 version of the wearable is said to track blood pressure and blood sugar
  • There’s also a sophisticated sleep monitor to help detect sleep apnea 
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It’s the arm candy of fitness fanatics all over the world. And next year, Apple is set to launch the 10th version of its popular watch – which is said to be the ‘healthiest’ yet.

The Apple Watch, which is sported by around a third of all US iphone users, has moved light-years ahead of its original fitness-tracking technology.

The current model boasts features that measure blood oxygen and heart rate, to help spot early signs of deadly abnormal heart rhythms and lung problems. 

It also offers sleep tracking – so wearers can tell how much time they spend in good-quality, deep sleep. But the latest model is even more advanced. 

The upcoming 2024 version of the Apple Watch is said to help spot numerous signs of heart disease, which kills nearly 700,000 Americans every year

Expected early next year, Apple Watch 10 will detect rising blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as signs of sleep apnea – a common condition where sufferers temporarily stop breathing during the night. 

 It is not clear how the blood pressure monitoring technology will work, but it is speculated that something called near-infrared spectroscopy could be involved. 

This method calculates changes in blood pressure by looking at blood flow with near-infrared light.

Apple Watch series 9 launched in September 2023 with advanced health features, but series 10 promises to offer even more sophisticated technology – including blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring

It can’t give you exact numbers, but it can spot big increases or decreases which can indicate a cardiovascular problem.

Nearly half of Americans ages 20 and older have high blood pressure, according to a 2023 report from the American Heart Association. That’s some 122million people.

However, studies estimate that around one in five of those with the condition – which is a leading risk factor for stroke and heart attack – don’t know they have it. 

As for sleep apnea, the watch spots dips in breathing as well as other tell-tale signs like snoring, and advises whether to seek medical help.

 It is also unclear exactly how the wearable can pick up unhealthy blood sugar spikes – which could indicate prediabetes. 

The tech giant is also said to be working on even more impressive health features for post-2024 models, including turning AirPods into over-the-counter hearing aids, as well as a deafness test, according to Bloomberg. 

A price for Apple Watch series 10 has not yet been confirmed, although previous models are priced at $399.

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