Your October Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Your October Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Read every sign's current 2021 horoscope predictions to see what's in store for you this year or check out each sign's personality profile to learn more about the zodiac.

It's October, which means that we officially entered Halloween season, beautiful star babies. Yes, Mercury is currently retrograde, but that (and three other retrogrades!) will end this month. October brings calm, self-respect, and money, honey. The first noteworthy astrological event this month is a dark new moon in romantic Libra on Wednesday, October 6. Because new moons mark fresh starts, this is a great night for any of the signs to go on a first date, or stay in and meditate on your intentions for your love life. 

Wednesday, October 6 also marks the end of Pluto retrograde, which began on Tuesday, April 27. Pluto is the god of the underworld and the planet of death and rebirth. Don't worry, that doesn't reference anything violent; think of Pluto as the makeover planet instead. While it was retrograde, we all were asked to review unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors holding us back. Now that the planet is direct, it's time to be reborn as a more confident version of ourselves — and yes, you can dye your hair a new color to celebrate. 

This is an ideal time for a fun fling. 

The following day, on Thursday, October 7, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance enters adventurous Sagittarius. If you're single, this is an ideal time for a fun fling. If you're partnered, try a new kink to add diversity to your bedroom without sleeping with other people. Or, invite a new partner to join you! Just don't be the creepy couple on Tinder. 

The strict daddy planet Saturn, which rules laws, authority, and discipline, goes direct on Sunday, October 10. While Saturn was retrograde over the past four months, all of the signs under the cosmos had to work on setting boundaries. In particular, it was crucial to establish boundaries regarding socialization. Yes, many people are vaccinated, but the pandemic is still a real danger. Make sure that you honor your truth by holding your boundaries now that the planet is direct. 

Scorpio's energy can be manipulative, jealous, and obsessive.

Next up, the lucky planet Jupiter also ends its retrograde, which began on Sunday, June 20, goes direct on Sunday, October 17. Jupiter is a planet with a pretty low-key retrograde, although it can impact our self-esteem, as the planet governs personal growth and expansion. When it goes direct this month, enjoy an extra boost of confidence. And, for the cherry on top, Mercury also goes direct on Tuesday, October 19

Wednesday, October 20, is a full moon in brave Aries. Your task for this lunation is to bring the intentions you set earlier this month, during the new moon, to life. This could mean expressing your true feelings to a lover or finally asking your crush out. When intense Scorpio season begins on Saturday, October 23, we're all going to crave sex and deep intimacy. However, Scorpio's energy can also be manipulative, jealous, and obsessive. When Mars, which rules sexuality and aggression, enters Scorpio on Saturday, October 30, make extra time to self-soothe and resist any temptations to go down a social media stalking hole. Stay safe, have an epic Halloween, and see you in November! 

October Predictions by Zodiac Sign

October brings hard but important truths in regard to your love life. If you have a major difference with your partner, such as how you feel about kids or marriage, you can no longer ignore it. Thankfully, Mercury retrograde ends, and you're able to communicate your needs confidently and clearly. A full moon in your sign brings fantastic orgasms. You don't even need a partner, stay in with a new sex toy.  Read your full October horoscope here.

You've had some anxiety lately, Taurus, but life feels less chaotic when Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury all go direct this month. Now that you're feeling more relaxed, you have a clear head in regards to your love life. You may be tested by a whack-a-mole of exes returning, but stay present, focus on the now, and don't write those bitches back.  Read your full October horoscope here.

You get to be picky this month, Gemini. You're so full of charisma that you may end up with several romantic partners to choose from. Date as many people as you desire, but only if they make you laugh and turn you on. Plus, there's wonderful new career news that arrives mid-month. Read your full October horoscope here.

You're an incredible host, darling Cancer, but make sure to let others pamper you, too. When the lucky planet Jupiter ends its retrograde, you finally take off your rosy nostalgic glasses and see your former relationships for what they were. No, you don't have to hate your ex, but you need to stop romanticizing the past if you want to enjoy the present. Read your full October horoscope here.

October is an exciting month for Leos, because of all the opportunities to dress up! Even if you stay in on Halloween, buy yourself a ring light and take hundreds of selfies. Just remember to rest this month, dear Leo, after all, you are a luxurious cat who likes to lounge in the sun. Don't let impossible standards of hustle culture let you compromise yourself. Read your full October horoscope here.

October inspires you to ask for more money, Virgo, and you're such a hard worker that there's no denying you deserve it. You're excited about Halloween, but you have to stick to your own boundaries regarding socialization. And, speaking of boundaries, this month finds you sharing both your fantasies and limits in bed with current or prospective lovers.  Read your full October horoscope here.

October is an optimistic month for you, Libra. You find yourself noticing joy in random places, and this is a blessing. You're reminded how important your pleasure is. Identify your desires and boundaries in the bedroom, and then communicate them to any lovers for tons of great sex this month. And, if you're single, all you need is a sex toy.  Read your full October horoscope here.

Your season begins this month, Scorpio. When one of your ruling planets, Pluto, ends its retrograde and goes direct, you are tasked with turning your worst habits into superpowers. Instead of stalking an ex or coming up with a revenge plot, dive into new creative projects. Celebrate your birthday (and Halloween) big! Read your full October horoscope here.

Repressed emotions can have negative consequences on your relationships, so this month asks you to deal with your feelings. If you don't have a therapist already, it's time to get one. A full moon in fellow fire sign Aries brings hot sex your way, so even if it's casual, you want to be open for intimacy. Read your full October horoscope here.

As cuffing season approaches, you find yourself wanting something more serious, Capricorn. You're letting go of commitment issues in order to experience the love that you deserve. Make sure you take time for some rest this month, because good financial news comes your way, and you want to approach new work functioning at full force. Read your full October horoscope here.

When Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth goes direct on Wednesday, October 6, you want a makeover, and you should go for it! Dye your hair a new color, or wear a wig for Halloween. You can be aloof, Aquarius, which makes you sexy and mysterious, but this month, focus on intimacy and letting loved ones get close to you. Read your full October horoscope here.

You get a welcome boost of confidence thanks to the many retrogrades that end this month. If you're single, sweet Pisces, you can expect a harmonious first date during October. If you're partnered, you find yourself reminded of all of the reasons that you love your partner and heat rises in the bedroom. Read your full October horoscope here.

As Allure's resident astrologer, Sophie Saint Thomas believes in the power of glamour and embracing one's sexuality — all the while, looking to astrology to navigate the intricacies of modern life. She is also the author of Sex Witch: Sex Witch: Magickal Spells for Love, Lust, and Self-Protection and the upcoming Glamour Witch: An Empowering Sex-Positive Guide with Spells and Witchy Beauty Tips for All Budgets and Body Types. 

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