Workers need to take time off every 43 days to 'avoid burnout'

Workers need to take time off every 43 days to 'avoid burnout'

British workers feel the need to take a break every 43 days to avoid total burn out, according to a new study.

The study of 2,000 office workers, conducted by by One poll, found that taking days off at least once every six weeks helps to stave off exhaustion at work.

70% of employees said they suffer fatigue and feel run down if they go too long without booking annual leave.

The key signs of needing a holiday include feeling stressed (56%) and finding that your mental well-being is starting to suffer (53%).

For three in 10, they said had sleepless nights when they needed some time off, and 23% will book a break if they find themselves crying for no particular reason.

But with travel restrictions and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, more people are opting not to use their leave – as they can’t go abroad as easily.

However, the study found that you don’t have to travel anywhere in order to feel the benefits of having time off. 70% are just as happy to spend a few days resting at home.

The study also found seven in 10 adults don’t feel the need to book a holiday abroad or in the UK to recuperate – being just as happy to spend a few days at home.

Of those who would book a break right now, almost half said they would really enjoy the opportunity to simply relax in the garden.

And 43% want nothing more than to put their feet up in front of the TV, while 41% would use the time to read a book.

Taking long walks (43%), exercising (32%) and pursuing a personal interest (23%) are also high on the agenda when they do get to enjoy some time off work.

But one fifth of workers relish the thought of booking time off to do absolutely nothing.

When asked how they are feeling about work right now, 26% think they are coping well, but one in 10 adults feel stressed, and a further 8% are exhausted.

More than one in 20 workers are at the point where they feel unable to concentrate, and 15% say they are fed up.

So it seems that lots of us are overdue a break from work, even if we don’t plan on doing anything during that time. It could do wonders for our mental health.

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