What is the difference between liposphere therapy and endosphere therapy?

rolsone liposphere therapy

Everyone knows them! But they don’t fully understand the difference. What is the difference between liposphere therapy and endosphere therapy?

The principle of action of each method is to mechanically influence the connective tissues and the main muscle groups with the help of micro-vibrations, which are created by spheres. The spheres in the manipulator are arranged in a certain order, resembling a bee honeycomb. But there are differences. Let’s look at them in detail!

During endosphere therapy, the lymph “comes out” of the tissues,

  • due to the pressure created on the tissues;
  • the metabolism is accelerated;
  • blood circulation is improved.

Pressure plus vibration alternates with stages of relaxation, thus achieving the effect of vascular gymnastics. The procedure allows you to eliminate flabby skin, reduce body volume, and eliminate cellulite. The method does not destroy fat cells, but simply reduces their size. Liposphere therapy has all of the above properties, but this procedure is more effective because it has additional properties.

It can be performed in two ways:

  • On the naked body using oil, using a nozzle with silicone spheres;
  • The massage is performed on a special suit using a nozzle with metal spheres.

The second method is popular with those who live in a busy schedule, as this method allows them not to take a shower after the procedure, which reduces the time spent at the beautician.

The first method, thanks to the use of branded oil, allows you to fill your skin with nutrients. As a result, in one hour of treatment, the skin can receive not only peeling, lymphatic drainage massage, and lipolysis, but also nourishment. The client himself can set priorities and choose exactly how the procedure will be carried out.

Even more significant difference between liposphere therapy and endosphere and all roller devices is the presence of the laser beam 1064 nm, which can be connected to the procedure. This makes it possible to achieve the effect of lipolysis.

The laser beam penetrates the fat cells, converting them into heat energy and increasing the permeability of the fat cells. In this way, their contents are released and excreted naturally. The presence of the laser beam greatly increases the effectiveness of the procedure.

The conclusion is that both treatments are highly effective and help the skin to gain a healthy, tightened appearance. But liposphere therapy is more effective and helps to achieve the desired results faster.