These Weighted Blankets Make Great Gifts — and They're On Sale For Black Friday

These Weighted Blankets Make Great Gifts — and They're On Sale For Black Friday

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We could all use a gigantic hug right about now. But when social distancing calls, the next best thing to having a physical human to cuddle up with is a weighted blanket. Luckily, this Black Friday 2020 there are several blankets on sale from some of our favorite bedding brands like Casper, Brooklyn Bedding, and more.

In case you're unfamiliar, a weighted blanket is a regular blanket, except it's made heavier with beads or woven with a thicker fabric. Several brands offer weight options based on your body size, so when you are ready to cozy up, you won't be overwhelmed by the blanket's weight. The blankets are designed to mimic the feeling of a full-body hug. The result is a better night's sleep, less tossing and turning, and for one Allure editor, it helped calm her nighttime anxiety. 

Typically, weighted blankets can range in price from $75 to $250, but for Black Friday we're seeing discounts of up to 30 percent off. We know that there are a lot of deals to mull over this weekend, but honestly, if you're going to deviate from your shopping plan and splurge on a single item, we highly suggest adding a weighted blanket to your virtual cart. You won't be disappointed. And if you need help choosing one, below are the ones we've been most impressed by. 

Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

Brooklinen's Weighted Comforter is one of the few options that's sized based on your mattress, and not based on your body weight. Options start at 15 pounds for a twin and go up to 35 pounds for a California king bed.  

Was $249, Now $199 (Shop Now) 

Casper Weighted Blanket

Casper is known for its extra comfy mattresses and the brand's Weighted Blanket is just as cozy. For optimal comfort, the brand recommends picking a blanket that's closest to 10 percent of your body weight. It's available in multiple size options and three colors. 

Was $179, Now $161 (Shop Now)

Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

One of the bonuses to Brooklyn Bedding's Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket is that it comes with a plush cover that's cooling on one side and warm on the other. This means you can wrap yourself in its body-hugging benefits year-round.

Was $139, Now $104 (Shop Now)

Slumber Cloud Weighted Blanket

The Slumber Cloud Weighted Blanket has similar cool and warm features, except this version taps into NASA's spacesuit temperature-regulating technology. Heat is absorbed into the cotton fabric when your body gets too hot and then releases back out when you're too cold.

Was $129, Now $110 (Shop Now)

Layla Weighted Blanket

The plush, mink-link fabric on Layla's Weighted Blanket is not only machine washable, but the hexagon quilting keeps the glass beads inside evenly distributed. Choose from three weights based on your mattress size.

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