There's One Baby Formula Brand That Isn't Facing Shortages — Here's Everything You Need to Know About It

There's One Baby Formula Brand That Isn't Facing Shortages — Here's Everything You Need to Know About It

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Parents are truly experiencing firsthand how difficult the baby formula shortage is. The anxiety, fear and so many unknowns as a parent trying to feed your baby are defeating, especially when you can’t find formula anywhere. Thankfully, online retailers seem to be more stocked up than physical shelves at stores, but one brand hasn’t experienced any shortages during the formula crisis. Meet ByHeart, a new baby nutrition company that launched earlier this year.  And since its debut on March 23, ByHeart has made sure to provide customers with products month after month, even amid a national shortage.

So how do they do it? The new baby brand started its vision and company during the pandemic and learned a few lessons about keeping their product in stock during a time when supply chains were disrupted. “ByHeart is uniquely positioned as the only formula manufacturer not currently facing shortages, largely because they built their production facility and supply chain during the pandemic and as a result are more nimble and anticipated supply disruption, while the others are operating at capacity,” a rep for the brand tells SheKnows. “During such a trying time, we are happy to be able to provide for our community at full capacity.”

ByHeart’s Formula

Founders Ron Belldegrun and Mia Funt realized the need for infant formula to do better for babies. To make a change, the pair started on a five-year journey to create ByHeart. Their small-batch approach makes it possible to ensure that every batch of formula maintains only the best quality. And, while most formulas are made to closely mimic breastmilk and its myriad benefits as much as possible, what makes ByHeart unique is that it’s the only infant formula on the market that bridges the protein gap between breast and bottle feeding. Its innovative recipe was built from scratch and involved over five years of research with the help of leading scientists and pediatricians. The formula is free from corn syrup, maltodextrin, soy, palm oils and disrupting contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. The Whole Nutrition Infant Formula is also the only formula in the United States that uses organic grass-fed, whole milk (others use a skim milk base).

Instead, the brand puts an emphasis on Alpha-lac and Lactoferrin, which are two of the most known ingredients in breast milk. The unique blend helps to break down proteins in the formulas to aid easier digestion for your infant. And since the nutrients are absorbed quickly, it helps support your little one’s immune system. The attention to every detail has awarded the brand the first-ever “Clean Label Project Certification for an infant formula in the US (and won their highest tier Purity Award, too).”

If you’re facing a lack of supply due to the shortages, give ByHeart a try after consulting with your pediatrician. You can order by can, or signup to the subscribe option that keeps you stocked up every month.

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