The Surprisingly Simple Workout Routine Kim Kardashian Swears By

The Surprisingly Simple Workout Routine Kim Kardashian Swears By

Regardless of where you stand on the Kardashian clan, one thing you can’t deny is that Kim Kardashian is dedicated to her fitness. She’s broken the Internet numerous times with a selfie and even popularised the ‘belfie’, and while it’s become somewhat easy to dismiss most influencers as simply those with a penchant for heavy filters, Kardashian’s gym-honed bod speaks for itself.

But though Kim has often shown glimpses into her workout routine with poses taken by the squat racks or weights, she hasn’t exactly divulged the secrets to her physique. There’s an aura of mystery shrouding much of her workout – just like there is the Kardashians themselves. Thankfully, Women’s Health US managed to do some detective work and, after speaking with Kim’s trainer and scrolling through her Instagram feed, they’ve pieced together a workout that Kim likely lives by. 

For starters, Kim wakes up crazy early (she does have kids after all) to work out. Rather than procrastinate and find excuses to put it off, Kim finds the time to get her workout in and never skips a sweat session. She also prefers lifting to any other type of workout. That said, she’s recently discovered treadmill sprints and seems to be a new fan. As she wrote on one Instagram post, “Been sprinting every day!” She also added, “I’ve been seeing changes!

So, if you want the low down on just what it takes to get the kind of gym-honed bod of Kim K, read on below.

Her trainer

We’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with and when it comes to fitness, Kim Kardashian surrounds herself with the best. Her trainer is Melissa Alcantara, aka @fitgurlmel. Not only does Melissa help Kim maintain her fit physique, but she’s also inspiring in her own right and frequently shares her personal transformation stories on her feed. You can also train with her through her workout programs on the Fitplan app. 


Training sessions at 6 a.m.

Kim doesn’t wait to train, she rises early and gets her workout in first thing. These crack-of-dawn sessions are powered by necessity more than anything. Alcantara says, “Her schedule is crazy, and mine is also crazy, so we work out really early in the morning at 6 a.m.”


She loves resistance training

Khourtney Kardashian may have recently spoken about her love of cardio, but Kim loves resistance training. Alcantara says “85 per cent of our training is weight training, and the other 15 is made up of cardio.”

She is dedicated to her core

Kim doesn’t just tack on a few crunches at the end of the workout, instead she makes it a priority to train her core. 


She never skips leg day

It’s hardly surprising that Kim places great importance on leg day and sculpting her glutes. When it comes to lower body exercises, she lifts heavy and focuses on her form, taking her muscles through a full range of motion. She also shared an Instagram story of herself showing off some serious skills while performing a deep squat with barbell on her back.

Consistency is key

Kim works out six days a week, with Alcantara saying her sweat sessions range between 60 minutes to 90 minutes long. 


She never cancels 

Alcantara says Kim is one of her MVP clients. Her trainer went on to add, “She’s super responsible, she never cancels – she’s the best client and athlete you can have. It’s just her drive. She’s like, ‘I have to work out, this is part of my life.’ It’s all about the mindset.”

She even does two-a-days

Ok, this is seriously impressive. Kim shared in January of this year that she was doing a “Sister Boot Camp” alongside Khloe Kardashian to get healthy after the holidays. She wrote in her Instagram story that she and Khloe planned to exercise even more than usual and eat only plant-based foods. “Plant based and two workouts a day for 30 days to get our mind and body right this year!”


She does treadmill sprints

In April, Kim shared an Instagram story of her doing treadmill sprints. These not only increase your lean muscle mass and burn more calories than jogging at a steady pace, but they are also performed at a higher intensity. “Been sprinting every day!” Kim wrote on her IG story.
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