Stomach bloating exercises: 3 simple five-minute stretches to banish trapped wind at home

Stomach bloating exercises: 3 simple five-minute stretches to banish trapped wind at home

Easy Ways to Live Well: Steph McGovern discusses bloating

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Bloating most often occurs after a big meal or having eaten something that disagrees with your stomach. According to experts, some foods are more likely to cause belly bloating than others.

Certain diets could also encourage bloating, particularly for people who have food allergies or intolerances.

Consistent bloating can be a sign of an underlying medical condition so if you are suffering from ongoing problems it is important to visit a doctor.

However, there are some simple methods that can help to ease a bloated stomach at home.

One of the best ways to ease bloating is with exercise, and cardio, in particular, has been hailed for aiding digestion.

For those who can’t get out of the house or access gym equipment, though, this might not be a possibility.

Luckily, there is a simple five-minute workout that could help to relieve the troublesome symptoms at home.

Yoga is a great way to banish the bloat, according to medical website Healthline.

There are three key stretches recommended to help boost digestion and eliminate a build-up of intestinal gas.

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Cat-cow yoga stretch

Cat-cow is a yoga stretch that is performed on the hands and knees.

It is best to lay down a yoga mat or practise this pose on a soft surface to help ease discomfort in your knees and hands.

The pose will see practitioners roll between two different poses, stretching the back, torso and neck.

Position yourself with your hands beneath your shoulders, and your knees directly beneath your hips. Fingertips should be positioned facing the top of the mat, while knees and shins should be hip-width apart.

Inhale as you drop your belly towards the floor, and turn your gaze upwards.

Then, exhale as you draw your belly to your spine.

The move helps stimulate the kidneys and adrenal glands, as well as stretching and compressing the intestines which can encourage gas movement.

Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx pose is another floor-based yoga stretch that focuses on the torso region and can aid the digestive system.

Once again, it is a good idea to practise this move on a mat or soft surface.

Begin by lying on your stomach with your legs straight out, side-by-side and spaced hip-width apart.

Bring your arms up and rest your elbows beneath your shoulders with your forearms on the floor, parallel to each other.

Press your forearms to the ground, inhale and lift your head at the same time.

During this moment, your public bone should be pressed firmly to the ground.

As you move your eyes to gaze upward, your shoulder blades should drop down and your chest face forwards.

Throughout the pose, lengthen your tailbone towards your heels to accomplish an abdominal stretch.

Hold for around 10 breaths, then slowly exhale as you lower your torso, chest and head back towards the mat.

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Extended Puppy Pose

As with the previous stretches, this yoga pose also takes place on a mat.

The pose is particularly good for when you have had a large meal, helping to aid relaxation.

Begin the stretch on all fours, with your shoulders positioned directly above your wrists and hips above your keens.

Walk your hands forward and let your toes curl under.

As you breathe out, move your bottom towards your heels while keeping your arms stretched.

Drop your forehead to the floor, while keeping a slight curve in the lower back.

For more of a stretch, press the hands down and extend through the arms while pulling hips back towards your heels.

Breathe deeply to allow the spine to lengthen and then hold for 30 seconds before relaxing your bottom down onto your heels. Repeat the move as many times as comfortable.  

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