Shawn Johnson East Shows Off Daughter Drew's New Skills: 'Proud Of the Little Things'

Shawn Johnson East Shows Off Daughter Drew's New Skills: 'Proud Of the Little Things'

One of the greatest joys of parenthood is celebrating each new milestone with your kids. It’s just so much fun to watch your little ones grow and learn about the world! Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East’s daughter Drew, 2, recently mastered a few new skills of her own in a video posted by East on Jan. 5.

“Proud of the little things,” East wrote on Instagram alongside the video. “We are (almost) counting to 10 and saying ABC’s!”

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The super cute video is over two minutes long, showing Drew in two pigtails using her fingers to count to ten with her dad. Johnson East, who is filming the video, tries to help East keep Drew focused, but she is busy playing with toys on the coffee table at the same time. After skipping a number or two, she gets to ten and both parents cheer her on as she lights up with a big smile.

Later, Drew can be heard softly singing the ABCs with her dad (while still playing with her toys, of course!).

Yesterday, East also updated his Instagram Stories with more details about Drew. He said she always says “yes” instead of “yeah” and speaks about herself in third person: “Dada carry Drew’s water bottle” or “take Drew to bed,” which East calls “the most adorable thing ever.”

He also mentioned he lost his first argument against her. He tells the story of Drew’s Mimi going outside, so Drew asked to go outside too. When East told her it was too cold, she held up her jacket and said, “Mimi went outside.” East hilariously says, “and that’s when I knew it was going to be the first of many lost arguments. I already got outwitted by a two-year-old.” Johnson East responds, “She’s smart.”

The couple also share 5-month-old son Jett. They have lots of adventures ahead!

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