Pooja Hegde is here to give you major fitness inspiration; watch

Pooja Hegde is here to give you major fitness inspiration; watch

Stay fit like a fiddle by stretching your body the right way. Pooja Hegde shows how

A popular fitness trend that has dominated much of 2020 is stretching, which is an integral part of various physical activities, be it yoga or cardio training. Showing us an easy pose that helps stretch the entre body is none other than actor Pooja Hegde. The fitness enthusiast can be seen practising the Dolphin Pose that is known to be exceptional for the core and shoulders when performed correctly.

Take a look.

The pose is considered to be an effective exercise for the wrist, and also works on the muscles of the legs, upper back, shoulders and arms. It adds spinal flexibility and also lends flexibility to the calves and hamstrings while opening the shoulders. Besides, it also helps improve concentration and memory and reduce stress.

Here’s how to do the dolphin pose

*Be on all fours and align the wrists directly under the shoulders with the legs straight.
*Lower the elbows to the floor. Keep the forearms parallel to each other. Ensure the weight is evenly distributed across both forearms.
*Tuck the toes and lift the knees off the floor.
*Gently straighten the legs.
*Take the shoulder blades into the upper back ribs and toward the tailbone. Make sure the ears are aligned to the upper arms. Do at least 20 times.
*Exhale to gently bend the knees. Come to the child’s pose or balasana to rest.


Be careful if you have shoulder, neck, arm or back injury.
Be careful if you have an ear infection or high blood pressure.

If you are a beginner, it is always good to start your practice with a trained professional, and not exert yourself too much.

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