Pinterest Predicts Breakfast Charcuterie Boards Will Be the Next Big Trend

Pinterest Predicts Breakfast Charcuterie Boards Will Be the Next Big Trend

When Pinterest predicts a trend, chances are, they’ll be right. Just look at how well they predicted 2020, a year full of twists, turns, and dumpster fires: Eight out of 10 of their predictions came true, including correctly predicting that pinners would spend more time grocery shopping online this year. And now that we’re mere days aways from closing out this garbage year, Pinterest is looking ahead at 2021 — and one food prediction, in particular, is downright delicious.

Released today, the Pinterest Predicts 2021 report includes everything from health and beauty trends, like pinners emphasizing sleep and embracing minimal skincare, to home and food trends, including investing in eye-catching kitchen appliances and taking a more creative, epic approach to charcuterie boards. That’s right: Next year, we’re skipping the meats and cheeses and topping our boards with fruit, dessert, candy, Mexican food, and — yep — even breakfast foods.

“You haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to charcuterie creativity,” the report states. “Millennials and Gen Z will think bigger than salami and crackers as the new snack to share. Charcuterie with candy, breakfast spreads and taco boards will trend big this year.”

According to the report, “breakfast charcuterie boards” saw the biggest jump in searches, with year-over-year searches increasing five-times in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Dessert (three-times), candy (two-times), and fruit (two-times) follow, with Mexican charcuterie boards rounding out the list with a 155 percent increase in searches.

And it comes as no surprise that breakfast charcuterie boards would reign. Just look at how gorg they are:

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The Nutella! The mini waffles! The bite-size French toast! It’s almost too pretty to eat — almost.

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Of course, you could create a carnivore lover’s dream breakfast charcuterie board with super-savory bacon and eggs and sausages.

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And you can’t wrong with pancakes and bright, colorful fruits.

Whether you keep it classy (and caffeinated):

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Or carb-loaded with muffins and heart-shaped waffles:

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You truly cannot go wrong with a breakfast charcuterie board.

For more 2021 Pinterest predictions, visit their website.

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