Moderna vaccine: The complication seen ‘particularly’ after the second dose – new study

Moderna vaccine: The complication seen ‘particularly’ after the second dose – new study

Omicron: Dr Hilary shares concerns of mandatory vaccines

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All signs suggest the Omicron variant is running amok in the UK and it has some mutational upper hand on the vaccines. However, the current vaccines still seem to offer some protection against the variant, which in turn has galvanised the Government to urge all Britons to roll up their sleeves. The benefits of getting vaccinated are palpable and a new study provides further evidence of this.

The study, which is the largest of its kind to date, concluded that contracting COVID-19 puts you at a far greater risk of developing cardiovascular complications than the vaccines do.

However, the vaccines were shown to still increase the risk of rare heart complications.

Among the findings was that the risk of myocarditis associated with the two mRNA vaccines – Pfizer and Moderna – was slightly higher in people aged under 40 and “particularly” after the second Moderna vaccine.

The researchers stress that more research is needed to understand why the risk of myocarditis appears to be higher following the Moderna vaccine in this group of people, but also stress that while the risks of myocarditis are slightly higher than COVID-19 infection, the vaccine is still safer overall and risks less harm than COVID-19 infection.

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