How to lose visceral fat: Five smart food swaps to help get rid of the harmful belly fat

How to lose visceral fat: Five smart food swaps to help get rid of the harmful belly fat

Dietician Jane Clarke – who has her own nutrition company Nourish – is on a mission to help people make healthier choices. Cut the belly fat now by following her five food swaps.

1. Mayonnaise

A big fan of the thick, creamy sauce? You don’t need to ditch it for good.

“My favourite trick is to mix full-fat mayonnaise with an equal quantity of thick, creamy Greek yoghurt,” revealed Clarke.

“It cuts the amount of calories and fat by a fifth,” she explained. “It’s much healthier for your heart and waistline.”


  • How to lose visceral fat: Best key to get rid of harmful belly fat

Visceral fat is fatty deposits that are stored away in the abdominal cavity.

Hidden away inside of the body, it deposits itself around the intestines, liver and pancreas.

The danger of too much visceral fat is that it increases a person’s risk of heart disease, diabetes and a stroke.

But higher levels of visceral fat is typically linked with larger amounts of subcutaneous fat.

Subcutaneous fat is the bits of skin that you can pinch – and too much of it would put you in the overweight, obese or severely obese category.

2. Cauliflower rice

Move over traditional rice, a healthier alternative is on the menu.

The first thing to do is either grate or blitz cauliflower in a food processor.

“Pan fry the cauliflower rice in a little coconut, rapeseed or olive oil for a gorgeous nutty taste,” said Clarke.

“Then use it to form the base of wonderful salads when mixed in with freshly chopped herbs and raw vegetables.”

A great accompaniment to curries, cauliflower is “high in fibre and probiotics” and “low in carbs”.

This means it can aid “digestion and a healthy gut” while “stabilising blood sugars”.

3. Sweet potatoes

Clarke continued: “I love to rub olive or rapeseed oil onto the skin of the sweet potato before roasting as this gives you a delicious crispy skin.”

She recommended to mix the mashed flesh from the inside with Greek yoghurt and seasoning, before placing it back into the skin to oven toast the top.


  • How to lose visceral fat: Food that could help banish belly fat

“This means you get a truly delicious filling all the way through, so you are less likely to need to reach for the butter.”

4. Yoghurts

A fan of Greek full-fat yoghurt, Clarke suggested “adding fruits, such as fresh strawberries, raspberries or blueberries”.

This is to replace processed fruit and flavoured yoghurts that “tend to be full of sugar and flavourings”.

5. Sandwich

“Make a Danish-style sandwich,” commented Clarke, “with one slice of bread piled high with toppings”.

This is in place of “two slices of bread and a skimpy filling”.

And feel free to “enjoy a higher nation of protein topping to bread”.

Clarke recommended sourdough, “which is gentler on the gut than a white loaf”.

Following these simple food swaps will help you live a healthier lifestyle, and can contribute to visceral fat loss.

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