Get An Effective At-Home Workout With These Mini Pilates Balls

Get An Effective At-Home Workout With These Mini Pilates Balls

There’s no reason you can’t get just as an effective workout at home. Whether you don’t have time to go to a gym or group class, you can still get your sweat on and get those endorphins going with the right workout equipment at home. One of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment you can get is a mini pilates ball. The reason is because you can do so many things with it. With one of these balls, you can do strengthening exercises, stability exercises, yoga positions, and more.

When picking out the best mini pilates ball for yourself, you’ll want to consider a few things. First, you’ll want to consider color. They come in a rainbow of colors, so you’ll need to decide on which one you’ll want to look at daily. You’ll also want to look at if it has any anti-slip or anti-pop features so you don’t have any accidents while exercising. Below, we’ve rounded up the best mini pilates balls for your workout at home.

1. Smarter Life Exercise Ball

One of the worst parts about using an exercise ball is the fear you might have about it popping. With this mini pilates ball, you’ll never have to worry about that happening thanks to its ultra durable materials. This all-in-one exercise accessory will help you strengthen, balance, and help with stability. You can even try using it as an office chair to help make your workspace more ergonomic. It also features an anti-slip matte surface for an extra secure grip.

2. UrbnFit Exercise Ball

If you think you might be settling by working out from home, think again. This gym-grade mini pilates ball will give you just as an effective workout as your favorite pilates class. It comes in multiple sizes, so you can find the right fit for you. It also comes with a workout guide, so you can get right to working out. With an anti-burst design, you also won’t have to worry about any accidents happening while you’re building strength.

3. Live Infinitely Pilates Ball

Whether you prefer yoga, balance or strength training, this durable mini pilates ball will help you do it all. It comes with a pump so you can get to doing exercises right away, and the kit is complete with a workout guide for convenience. When you want to take it on the go, you can put it in the handy mesh bag too. Made from heavy PVC material, this bag is just like the ones at your favorite studio. There’s also a one-year warranty in case anything were to go wrong.

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