Elderly ‘more vulnerable’ to other illnesses after contracting Covid

Elderly ‘more vulnerable’ to other illnesses after contracting Covid

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Older people face problems that could affect the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver – as well as mental health.

Scientists analysed the health insurance records of over-65s in the United States.

They found that 32 per cent of those who were diagnosed with Covid before April 1, 2020, had sought medical treatment for other persistent conditions in the months after.

This was 11 per cent higher than the control groups.

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It also varied for men, black people and patients over 75.

The findings, which were published in the BMJ, could help identify and treat individuals who are particularly vulnerable after getting Covid.

Author Dr Ken Cohen, at Optum Labs, said: “Our results can help providers and other key stakeholders anticipate the scale of future health complications and improve planning for the use of healthcare resources.”

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