Drosten concerned: Swedish study revealed explosive in school openings

Drosten concerned: Swedish study revealed explosive in school openings

In his Podcast “Coronavirus-Update” says virologist Christian Drosten about how a second wave of Infection in Germany is with the Virus prevent. Two aspects in particular, he stresses.

In Germany, the grass, the fear of a second wave of Infection, and thus the fear of a re-Lockdown magnetized. The policy is aware of the social, and especially economic, explosive force, a further increase in the Corona case, the numbers would bring.

But how can the so-dreaded second wave can be prevented, and what citizens and politicians need to pay attention to especially? Questions, which also Christian Drosten, chief virologist of the Berlin Charité, in the latest edition of his "NDR-Podcasts" “Coronavirus Update” is dedicated to.

In his analysis of the virologist highlight two elements, which address the same Problem: How do emerging chains of Infection at an early stage and prevent?

Drosten: right now, we need a good Tracing

On Tuesday, published in Corona-Warning App by the Federal government and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) referred to Drosten as an important step for effective follow-up: “We just need to ensure that the low incidences, we have at the moment is that we operate a good Contact Tracing (tracing the chain of Infection).” The only way Germany could be wide locker to maintain payments.

“The better we do, the longer we can preserve the current state is maintained, and a Tracing App is an ultimate tool,” says Drosten. The previous pandemic, the course would have shown that conventional tracking methods have not kept pace with the speed of the virus spread.

Similarly, the researcher is the often expressed criticism that only a comprehensive use of the App would help counter the spread of the Virus, vehemently. “It depends mainly on speed, and an App can be present despite a low number of users a decisive advantage,” says Drosten. Just for the Detection of so-called infection cluster, so individual places where many people are infected by a few people, was the App helpful.

School openings bergen large risk

In addition to a close-knit Tracing Drosten in the Germany-wide school openings a further critical aspect in order to prevent the outbreak of a second wave of Infection. In particular, for the new school year in September, the scientist looks up with a queasy feeling.

Reason a recent study from the Scandinavian Problem-the country of Sweden, which deals with the Seroprevalence of children. Seroprevalence refers to the number of positively tested serological parameters in a given Population at a specific point in time; for example, the detection of antibodies against a Virus.

Because the government in Sweden refused to the greatest extent possible, school closure is the result of the Scandinavian Corona-study, “much better than anything we have so far from other countries,” says Drosten. The Seroprevalence of children (0-19 years) with 7.5 percent, even a percent higher than for the adult age cohort (20-64 years).

The findings of older studies, according to which children use less of the Virus to be haunted, the opposite is the result. It “speaks volumes”, says Drosten, and returns the differences on the defectiveness of older studies. “I see no reason why this should be different in Germany,” warns the openings of the expert views of the School.

Virologist: "Need to ensure that it not again to giant eruptions kommt"

Nevertheless, he is aware of the social importance of the subject, aware of. His assessment of the Situation is therefore differentiated: “If we admit to ourselves that we, no matter how open dangerous it is, the schools and day-care centres, then we need to ask science: What tools are available to counter that threat?”

And further: “The policy must not, therefore, consider whether, but how to secure that it is in the autumn and Winter again to giant eruptions comes." Especially in the case of the testing, “but also in the area of General measures” looks Drosten these possibilities. The goal must be that not entire schools, but "a maximum of individual classes to be put under quarantine“.

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