Diabetes: The unusual sign of high blood sugar in the eyes – ‘Lesser-known symptom’

Diabetes: The unusual sign of high blood sugar in the eyes – ‘Lesser-known symptom’

Type 2 diabetes can be a 'devastating diagnosis' says expert

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Diabetes is a condition that is characterised either by the body’s inability to respond to, or produce insulin. The eventual outcome of this is chronically high blood sugar levels that damage the nervous system and organs, causing unwanted complications. Although diabetes has few connections to clinical symptoms, levels of ‘advanced’ blood sugar could manifest in different parts of the body. One sign in the eyes could be indicative of high blood sugar.

The complications associated with prolonged high blood sugar levels are often concentrated in the feet.

This is because the nerves in the foot are more sensitive to touch, enabling heightened awareness of damage.

Pain, tingling, and infections are all symptoms of high blood sugar, but so is better eyesight.

According to The Joint Chiropractic’s website, an unusual and sudden improvement of eyesight could be one of the unusual signs of high blood sugar.

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“Sudden improvement of eyesight isn’t necessarily a good thing,” explains the body.

“These irregular blood sugar levels can make your vision irregular […].

“Your sight may actually seem better with elevated blood sugar levels, and worse when they are normal.

“This is just another reason to talk to your doctor about checking for diabetes.”

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The Sight and Hearing Foundation of Southern California explains that a sudden improvement in eyesight could be related to the fluid inside the eyes.

The health body explains that high blood sugar can cause sudden changes in fluid levels throughout the body.

And the eyes are no exception, particularly because they comprise chambers filled with thin watery fluid.

“This fluids helps your eye maintain its shape. Any changes in those fluid levels can impact your eyesight, making it better or worse,” explains the health body.

High blood sugar is the culprit behind the bad reputation of diabetes because it progressively sets the body up for heart disease.

The longer sugar levels are left untamed, the greater the risk they pose to one’s health.

In the worst-case scenario, the nerves in the limbs can become so damaged that amputation is required.

Other complications that diabetics are predisposed to include stroke and heart attack, so managing blood sugar levels efficiently is paramount.

How to avoid diabetes

Managing high blood sugar is the mainstay of diabetes management, and this is done mainly through diet.

Exercise can also help, with the NHS recommending lower intensity sports for longer-lasting effects.

“Moderate exercise that lasts a while, like walking or cycling, can cause a slow drop in blood glucose levels,” explains the health body.

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