Device prevents cold shivering after medical alcohol wipe

Device prevents cold shivering after medical alcohol wipe

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Alcohol is widely used for skin disinfection in medical environments. However, especially in winter, because there is a temperature gap between alcohol and the human body, using alcohol wipes can cause cold shivers.

Researchers at the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a new device that can prevent these uncomfortable shivers.

Inside the box is a device that heats alcohol cotton balls and then keeps them warm to narrow the temperature gap.

Its heating and insulation function is attributable to its special bottom, which has many holes and hot blocks distributed in intervals. This special design ensures that each alcohol cotton ball placed in the box is evenly heated and kept warm.

After the design was completed, the team conducted a two-year trial and test to see how the device worked to narrow the temperature gap. They were pleased to find that the box had a strong insulation ability. In addition, the box has a lid that provides a sealed space to keep the alcohol concentration in a stable state.

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