Coronavirus vaccine: ‘Great progress made’ – Vallance gives update on COVID-19 treatment

Coronavirus vaccine: ‘Great progress made’ – Vallance gives update on COVID-19 treatment

Coronavirus has infected more than four million people across the world, and scientists are working hard to find a vaccine for the virus. Sir Patrick Vallance has explained that we’re edging closer to finding a treatment for the deadly infection.

The UK has officially passed the peak of the coronavirus infection.

But the government has urged the public to stay at home, to avoid becoming infected or spreading the virus further.

Despite nearing the final stretch of the COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of people are still dying in the UK everyday.

Researchers have been trying to find a vaccine for the infection, and they’re making “great progress”, according to the chief scientific advisor (CSA).

During Monday’s press briefing, Vallance explained that he’d be very surprised if there wasn’t some kind of treatment available for the coronavirus in the future.

Scientists across the globe have entered into clinical trials with a number of potential vaccines, including in the UK.

But, Vallance couldn’t guarantee that a vaccine would ever be made.

That said, he revealed that there had been major progress in the science community’s search for a COVID-19 vaccine.

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“On the vaccine, you can never guarantee that you’re going to get a vaccine,” the CSA warned. “It’s a tough thing to do.

“I will say that there’s been great progress made, though.

“There are a number of vaccine programmes around the world that are progressing. There are a number in the clinic now; so far so good.

“So, I think the chances are a bit higher than they were, in terms of getting a vaccine, but you never know until you’ve got one.”


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Vallance also revealed that scientists are looking for therapeutic treatments for the virus.

Even if we fail to find a vaccine, he claimed that he’d expect to find some sort of treatment, even if it were therapeutic.

“I’d be surprised if we didn’t end up with something,” said Vallance.

|You’re going to end up with a therapeutic or a vaccine or potentially both, but you can’t guarantee that you’re going to get a vaccine – that would be my message.


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“I think it’s hugely encouraging the amount of effort that’s going into it in the UK, and around the world on that.”

Meanwhile, some of the most common warning signs of COVID-19 include a high fever, and a dry cough.

If you think you may have coronavirus, you should self-isolate for at least 14 days.

Remaining at home is the best way to avoid spreading the virus.

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