Cardi B Loves This Tedious Parenting Task: ‘It Makes Me Feel so Motherly’

Cardi B Loves This Tedious Parenting Task: ‘It Makes Me Feel so Motherly’

Every parent cherishes certain activities with their kids — reading, kissing boo-boos, bedtime snuggles — and dreads others (You know exactly what we’re talking about). Cardi B recently admitted to loving one fairly boring task that every parent faces: filling out school paperwork.

On Tuesday night, the rapper tweeted, “I love filling out paren[t] school documents…It makes me feel soo motherly.” She added in a separate tweet, “Idk how to describe it” along with crying and laughing emojis. 

Um…OK! I can say for sure that completing massive amounts of documents from my kids’ preschool doesn’t make my list of top 10 parenting moments, but props to Cardi B for embracing this necessary task. 

Cardi B. and her husband Offset, are parents to daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, 3, and a son, born in September 2021, whose name hasn’t been publicly announced yet. Offset is also a father to son Jordan Cephus, 11, Kody Cephus, 6, and Kalea Marie Cephus, 6, all three of whom are from previous relationships.

Parents on Twitter had plenty to say about Cardi B’s message which, as of Wednesday, had acquired more than 36,000 likes. “Promise after a few years, it’s gets annoying AF,” a user remarked while another tweeted, “…I remember that feeling. It also makes you realize how fast your children are growing. One asked, “Do you sign Belcalis or Cardi?” referring to the rapper’s real name.

Now, we’re wondering: Can we send Cardi B our kids’ paperwork too?  

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