Better tech improves patient care for two-thirds of UK healthcare workers

Better tech improves patient care for two-thirds of UK healthcare workers

Findings from the new Critical Technology for Critical Care: The State of Mobility in Healthcare 2020/21 Report, commissioned by enterprise mobility and IoT management provider, SOTI has been released, showing the impact of outdated technology on healthcare workers during the pandemic.

The report shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of UK healthcare workers (55% globally) agree that investment in new or better technology could help save lives.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare providers have turned to technology to help ease the burden caused by the virus, while also enforcing social distancing measures. In fact, the report found that 23% of UK healthcare workers (33% globally) said that new systems and/or technology have been introduced by their employer during the pandemic.

The research found that outdated technology is having far-reaching consequences in the UK healthcare sector. Sixty-four per cent of UK healthcare workers (63% globally) estimate they experience system failure due to IT/technology issues within a normal working week and 56% (54% globally) say that trying to use their employer’s technology wastes valuable time they could have spent helping patients.

Despite this surge to meet the demands of the pandemic, just a quarter (24%) of UK healthcare workers (22% globally) said their technology systems were prepared to manage any situation related to COVID-19, while 26% said their existing systems and technology have been unable to cope.

Furthermore, 73% agree that their employer needs to invest in new or better technology to prepare for any future health crises. Globally, 55% of healthcare workers agree with this statement. 


Although technology may have significantly helped hospital staff during the pandemic in a number of ways, there are also instances where it has proved to not be conducive and has hurt a nurse’s ability to cope, as reported in this Healthcare IT News article on pandemic-era burnout.


Stefan Spendrup, VP of Sales, Northern and Western Europe, SOTI said: “With healthcare budgets consistently stretched, but the expectations higher than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s of little surprise that frontline healthcare workers are coming up against significant barriers.

“SOTI’s research shows that healthcare workers are wasting time on admin tasks which could be simplified with integrated mobile technology. Frontline staff are also impacted by legacy or outdated technology and with 68% of UK healthcare workers agreeing that better technology could help improve patient care, it is a clear sign that the time for smarter technology adoption is now.”

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