Best supplements for women: Pill to improve strength and increase weight loss – new study

Best supplements for women: Pill to improve strength and increase weight loss – new study

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Supplements for woman will often differ for men. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. A new study highlights this point and finds one such supplement beneficial for improving strength and increasing weight loss on a carbohydrate-restricted diet for women.

Consuming a protein supplement, specifically protein hydrolysate, during carbohydrate-restricted training was helpful for improving training intensity in women, but not in men, a new study has found.

Most nutrition guidelines for athletes are based on research in men only.

However, this study, by Tanja Oosthuyse and her colleagues, highlights the importance of how nutritional guidelines differ for men and women.

While the protein supplement helped training intensity in women, it did not improve training intensity and instead resulted in modest negative effect in men.

It made exercise feel harder for them because their bodies were working harder to break down the supplement, as compared to when they were drinking just plain water.

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Protein supplements and powders are very popular among health-conscious people.

Sources of protein are made up of amino acids – essential and non -essential.

Essential protein can’t be made within the body, but non-essential protein can.

Essential proteins need to be taken in through your diet, and protein shakes are a great way of achieving this.

The study concluded that women should ingest protein supplements during fasted carbohydrate-restricted exercise.

Future studies need to determine whether ingesting protein hydrolysate supplements during carbohydrate-restricted training over a longer time frame of weeks or months will be beneficial.

Commenting on the study, first author Tanja Oosthuyse said: “The application of the findings from our study are purely for the specialised training tactic of overnight fasted carbohydrate-restricted exercise that aims to enhance training.

“Racing nutrition, however, is very different and at the moment guidelines are standard for both men and women.

“We need to specify potential differences so that both men and women can train and race at the highest possible calibre.”

Although not everyone needs protein powder supplements, they can assist you if you do strength training or cannot meet your protein needs with diet alone.

Divan Kombrink, Head Trainer at the Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic at Urban Retreat recommends drinking whey protein in a shake after your workout.

He added: “Too much protein can place a tremendous amount of stress on your kidneys.

“It’s important to use protein powder in conjunction with a healthy diet and not use it as a meal replacement.

“Generally, women should aim for 46 grams per day.”
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