Barbie Dolls Are Flying Off the Shelves, but There Are Still Tons in Stock on Amazon Right Now

Barbie Dolls Are Flying Off the Shelves, but There Are Still Tons in Stock on Amazon Right Now

In these days of remote learning and social distancing, kids have become even more glued to their devices, reaching for their Nintendo Switches from the moment they wake up. (Those Animal Crossing islands aren’t going to tend to themselves, after all.) However, we’re also experiencing an unprecedented surge in Barbie sales, as parents try to interest their kids in some screen-free fun. Sales of the classic doll are up 29 percent in the last quarter, according to Mattel, making it Barbie’s best financial performance in at least two decades. 

Fortunately for parents and kids everywhere, many of Barbie’s most popular offerings are still in stock on Amazon. The lineup features Barbie as a presidential candidate, a judge, a professional boxer, and a fitness aficionado, among many others. Is there anything this multi-talented doll can’t do?

One of the top sellers is the Barbie Campaign Team Gift Set, which includes four election-inspired dolls. The presidential candidate is a Black doll, who comes equipped with everything she’ll need as she hits the campaign trail: a microphone, a power blazer, a string of pearls, and a cell phone. She’s ready to communicate her stances on key issues, with a fundraiser, a campaign manager, and a voter by her side.

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An additional can’t-miss pick is the Barbie Judge Doll. She has a gavel, a round block, and a customary black robe to wear as she hears cases. Kids love playing with her as they imagine various courtroom scenarios, and she even earns the approval of practicing attorneys and judges. In fact, some Amazon shoppers are displaying the doll in their judicial suites and legal offices as an inspiring visual.

“Thank you, Barbie, for creating dolls that reflect real women,” one reviewer writes. “I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister, who is a lawyer, and she loves it. Although she is not a judge yet, I hope she remembers her goal of becoming one every time she looks at this doll.”

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For young fashionistas, the Barbie 21-Piece Dress Up Trunk is almost sure to please. The adorable storage trunk is full of skirts, tops, bangles, rings, and barrettes that your little one can mix and match. The set doesn’t skimp on sparkly accessories, either: There’s a unicorn headband, a pair of wings, and a sticker sheet.

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Another new line of the iconic Mattel dolls is centered around self-care and staying active. The Barbie Fitness Doll has gym clothes, a yoga mat, a hula hoop, and a gym bag, while the Barbie Boxer Doll comes with pink boxing gloves and metallic boxing shorts.

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Barbie dolls are selling fast, both in stores and online, and they’re slated to rule the holiday season. Barbie’s sky-high sales are only expected to grow from here, so you’ll definitely want to pick up these Barbie dolls and dress-up trunks while they’re still available on Amazon.

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