Baby Names We Hope to Never Hear Again After 2021

Baby Names We Hope to Never Hear Again After 2021

Let’s face it: 2021 hasn’t exactly been a banner year for anyone on the whole planet. But if you had one of these names, you might have had an even worse year than a lot of others. While some of the baby names on the infamous list may be pretty obvious (bye-bye, Delta), there are a few you might be considering for your own child. We’re going to suggest you don’t. Read on for our picks for — sorry — possibly the worst baby names of 2021:

Delta: Sorry, Kristen Bell (who gave her daughter this name): Delta may be forever associated with the particularly virulent version of COVID that circulated for much of the year. (Omicron doesn’t have quite the same baby-naming vibe.)

Corona: We may have shifted toward calling it COVID instead of coronavirus, but this name (which means crown) will be forever associated with the pandemic — or the beer. In either case, it’s not a name that you’d probably want for your child.

Covid: There have been a few viral social media posts about parents who’ve opted to name their kids after the deadly virus — which is even more ill-advised than the people who named their daughters Khaleesi without knowing how Game of Thrones would turn out.

Cove: It’s a pretty nature name — but also pretty close to Covid. Skip, please.

Karen: Thanks to the multitude of memes equating Karen with an over-entitled woman demanding to speak to the manager, we’ve probably seen our last generation of Karens. Ever.

Brandon: It doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you’re on. Brandon has unfortunately become radioactive as a name, thanks to a misheard chant. And it’s too bad: Brandon is a delightful British name that deserved better.

Ghislaine: This unique French name is basically only known for its association with the socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, forever entwined with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. Odds are you won’t ever see anyone given that name again ever.

X Æ A-12: We never got a definitive answer as to how they pronounced it, but this is what Elon Musk and Grimes named their child — and this kid’ll likely be the only one given the name, ever.

Alexa: A whole group of older Alexas are actually suing Amazon for turning their lives into a nightmare where they’re constantly being asked things like “Alexa, turn on the lights.” If you’re thinking of giving your little one this baby name, probably don’t.

Grogu: Baby Yoda has a better ring to it. And Grogu only works as a pet name, not a baby name.

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