3 revealing signs that you’re self-sabotaging without realising it

3 revealing signs that you’re self-sabotaging without realising it

It’s easy to become demotivated when constantly facing roadblocks in life. But sometimes, those limitations may be of our own doing as we self-sabotage without even realising it – and this TikTok unveils the signs that we should all look out for.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to reach your goals and getting in your own way.

 Whether it’s striving to progress in your career, starting your own business, or trying to grow as an individual or within your relationships, we can sometimes be so prone to self-sabotage – stopping ourselves from achieving what we want to achieve – and the worst part is we may not even realise it.

But how do we get to a stage where we can recognise and halt our self-sabotaging ways?

Raquel Olsson, a former news anchor turned TikTok creator who has over 1.1 million followers and makes content on human behaviour and personality, has looked into just that.

In one of her videos, which has gained over 34,000 views, Olsson shares her three hidden signs of self-sabotage, starting with perfectionism.

Olsson says this is a fundamental sign of self-sabotage when “you aren’t satisfied with anything less than 100% immediately”.

As a result, the Canadian TikToker says people are prone to overlook how “effective and realistic incremental improvement is” as opposed to a major jump which is much “less realistic”.

Next up, Olsson says that sabotaging relationships could be an indicator that you are getting in your own way without realising it.

“You may be focusing too much on decreasing negative interactions instead of increasing positive ones,” she says.

Lastly, Olsson notes that procrastination is one of the most critical signs of self-sabotage.

She says that this often occurs when someone “overcomplicates solutions to problems and allows you to ruminate and overprepare.

“Therefore the higher the expectations you set for yourself, the more you don’t want to get started.”

“Self-saboteurs allow their fears to guide their thoughts, plans and actions,” she adds. 

Many related to Olsson’s videos and commented about how the signs she highlighted applied to them.

“You just read my diary,” said one commenter. “It’s time to actually do things and stop this for me!”

Another wrote: “wow the third one really made me too stunned to speak,” while a third commented: “It’s so cool to hear this from an outside perspective because it’s hard to recognise when you’re the one self-sabotaging every step of the way.”

“Hoping to start moving past this phase in my life and get out of my own way.”

Olsson’s video really highlights how the things we do under the surface can have a major impact in our lives from our work to relationships and mental health.

While working to change this can be pretty hard, acknowledging it is truly the first and most important step.

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