11 Things You Need To Know Before Eating Eggo Waffles

11 Things You Need To Know Before Eating Eggo Waffles

Sure, you know them. But how much do you really know about them? We got you.

1. Eggos were invented in the 1953.

Post-war Americans didn’t want fresh waffle batter or even powdered waffle mix. Frozen foods were the hot commodity so inventor Frank Dorsa created a rotating wheel of waffle irons, which churned out thousands of waffles per hour and let him bring heat-and-serve breakfasts to supermarkets nationwide.

2. They weren’t always called “Eggos.”

Nope, they had an even funnier name: Froffles. It was meant to be a combination of “frozen” and “waffles” but it didn’t last long. The name was swapped out for Eggo waffles by 1955.

3. Eggos didn’t become truly popular until the late ’60s.

That’s when Kellogg’s acquired the brand (in 1968) and boosted the frozen breakfast to the cult status it’s come to know today.

4. That iconic slogan was written in 1972.

Thanks to the minds at Leo Burnett ad agency, “Leggo My Eggo” became burned into the brains of waffle fans everywhere for over 36 years. Kellogg’s retired the jingle for a bit in 2008 but brought it back in 2014. Because what’s an eggo with its “leggo” command?

5. They contain zero artificial flavors.

As part of a move to cut all artificial colors and flavors from its product lineup—including cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Frosted Flakes—Kellogg’s has officially removed faux flavors from Eggos for good.

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